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The game remains in alpha and is currently being worked on. However, I've also decided to release the source code, so anyone with Gamemaker: Studio (which is free) can try their hand at tweaking the game while I work on it as well. (You are licensed to edit the code and to distribute your own updates for free but cannot resell it).

Vacuum is an open-ended sandbox game focused on placing you in the commanders shoes of a space station in the not too distant future. Manage a crew of hundreds as you journey throughout the stars. Vacuum is my attempt to create a realistic space station crew-management and combat simulator. Some key features of Vacuum include:

  • Ability to have hundreds of unique crew members. Each with their own unique names, backstories, attributes and desires.
  • Protect your crew from the dangers of space! You'll have to react to asteroid strikes, solar flares, boarding parties of space pirates, fires, mutiny, prison riots, and refugees infected with space-plague.
  • Crew interact with their environments in a true simulation styled game. If a missile rips a hole in the exterior of your ship watch out as crew will be sucked into the Vacuum of space.
  • Face the difficulties of managing an economy where you're closed off from common resources. Occasional traders and the sparse resources that can be made on your space station are all you have to work with. Your crew will have to get creative, especially as your population increases.
  • Permadeath - You are your Commander. If he dies, game over. Use your crew and crafty techniques utilizing your space station to defend yourself from annihilation.
  • Build a harsh military station that refugees loathe being stuck on or establish a utopia in dead space that fosters a vibrate society.


Buy Now$6.99 USD or more

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